Future Lake Life!

What do you call someone who lives at the lake all year round? Lucky!

Are you looking to build your all season or summer home at the lake? Did you know Gilroy’s 40 years of experience includes numerous lake front homes? From Sun Dale to Katepwa and everything in between, feel confident in starting your cottage life with Gilroy!

At Gilroy, we offer two year warranty on all our builds, and will work anywhere within 100km of Regina. From your water front summer home to your bungalow on the acreage to your luxury retirement condo in the city, we’ve got you covered!

Our design team takes your lists of needs and wants and incorporates them into a plan that works for you. At no additional cost, we work through your personal ideas and put them to paper.

Where do your inspirations come from?

  • Magazines?
  • Pinterest?
  • Sightseeing?

Or do you have a flair for design and come up with your own?

Let us know your ideas for your future home!

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